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Manchester United v Arsenal set to be on BBC, Bradford not happy

Arsenal's trip to Manchester United is set to be screened on the BBC as the broadcaster gets first pick of the round.

Why Arsenal will end Manchester United's hoodoo

Arsenal were handed a trip to Old Trafford to face Manchester United in the FA Cup. Paul Williams explains why it won't end in tears this time.

How Arsenal have the upper hand on Manchester United

Arsenal will travel to Old Trafford for the FA Cup. So which team is most likely to come out on top if the match was played on paper?

Ex-Chelsea midfielder linked with Arsenal after coach mentions Manchester United

You know those stories that pop-up during the transfer window that seem really interesting but end up saying nothing? Well Metro have been at it again, this...

Five reasons Arsenal lose big games – and why it’s about to change

One win at Old Trafford since 2003 One win at Stamford Bridge since 2004 One win at Eastlands since whenever it was the oil money came...

Arsenal’s wage bill still fourth as Manchester United top the lot

As Chelsea finally got around to filing their annual accounts we can now see the order of clubs according to their wage bills for...