Marcus Rashford was the scourge of the Gunners on Sunday as yet another teenager did things he shouldn’t be able to do in his first league game for United against Arsenal .

Remind you of anyone?

Wayne Rooney, of course, also loves a goal against Arsenal and not just since he’s been with United. He scored an absolute belter five days before his 17th birthday while still at Everton, a goal that won the Toffees the game and ended Arsenal’s 30-game unbeaten strike. That goal made him the youngest ever goalscorer in the Premier League

His 100th league goal also came against Arsenal and, sometimes, it feels like he scored all 100 against us.

So it’s not fun to see another striker looking to take up the mantle of Arsenal-annoyer-in chief.

But, as annoyed as we currently are at Cannon Towers, even we couldn’t help but go ‘hmm’ when we realised that “Marcus Rashford is exactly the same age that Wayne Rooney was (18y 120d) when he scored his first Premier League brace.”