It’s rare that I actually agree with anything Graeme Souness says but for once, unfortunately, this is the case.

Following our 3-2 defeat at Old Trafford to Manchester United, the pundit went on a scathing rant about our performance and the sad fact is, he was more or less spot on.

Speaking after our embarrassing display where we failed to creative much of anything and instead allowed a severely weakened United team to tear us apart, Souness described us as ‘weak’ and ‘insipid’, claiming that if he was a Gooner, he’d be angry.

The thing is, I was and still am angry. We looked so good at the beginning of the season but we’ve slowly been deteriorating over the last few months and as a fan there’s nothing we can do. All we can do is watch and support our team but looking on has been like watching a car crash in slow motion. Something does need to change. The repercussions of this loss could be huge.