On Tuesday, the motive behind a meeting between some of the Premier League’s biggest teams was rumoured to be about forming a ‘European super league’.

Arsenal were quick to shut down the speculation.

Representatives from Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City were all in attendance, as well as an official from the International Champions Cup. This fueled speculation that we wanted to create a European Super Cup.

Soon after the rumours began to circulate, Arsenal shot them down. We claimed that we want no involvement in any such thing.

An Arsenal spokesman said: “Discussions were primarily around the ICC and formats of European competitions.

“Not Arsenal, nor any clubs at the meeting, are seeking changes to the Premier League and European landscape and no conversations surrounding displacing the Premier League or starting a European super league took place.”

The speed in which we set the record straight was out of character. Therefore, this is clearly something we’re against and by the looks of Twitter, Arsenal fans are relieved. We already have the Champions League, we don’t need another competition for us to bomb out of.

Now if only Arsenal were so quick to set other things straight…