It seems everyone’s so preoccupied with praising Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford for his two goals against Arsenal that they’re ignoring his potential handball in the first half.

The striker, who has been on fire for the Red Devils for all of two matches, appeared to block an incoming shot with his hand and despite the Arsenal players appealing vehemently, it wasn’t given.

The argument is that his arm was by his side but as you can see, he very clearly uses his hand at the side of his body to block the shot and deny Arsenal a goal. The intent is there.

If this had been given the outcome would have been different.

Of course that doesn’t excuse our otherwise poor performance but decisions like this can go a long way in a game of this size and to have had this overlooked was bound to take the Gunners by surprise considering it appears pretty blatant.

Could this be Gooner bias? What do you think?