Emmanuel Eboue says all he wants to do is get back to playing football, after his personal struggles in recent months.

In December, the former Gunner opened up about his messy divorce. It left him without money, or even a home to live in.

Galatasaray kindly offered the defender a job in their youth setup, but Eboue told Canal+ he still hopes to return to playing.

“All I want is to return to football once more,” he told the French outlet (via The S*n). “I still possess ability. I would even go to places like Baghdad or Pakistan just to play football, I don’t care where.

“I used to get on well with my children and my family, and now I am completely alone. Football is an ungrateful world. It is no longer about talent – instead it is money and business.

“It hurts me. I no longer switch on the TV when I am at home, as when I see my friends playing football I am happy for them – but deep down within myself I am in tears.”

After his comments last year, Arsenal offered their support to their former player.

A spokesperson for the club said they were looking at ways to help Eboue. Unfortunately I think a spot in the team is a step too far at this stage. The defender is 34 years old after all. Perhaps they could help him find a new club though.

Plenty of other players spoke out in support of their former teammate or rival when the story first broke. Players like Emmanuel Emenike put aside their footballing rivalries to thank Galatasaray for helping Eboue.

Hopefully that should show the defender that there are still many people in football on his side. If one of them could help him to play again, before it’s too late, then that would give the story a happy ending.