Emmanuel Eboue is broke and waiting to be evicted from his house, after a messy divorce left him with almost none of his footballing fortune.

Eboue played for Arsenal for seven years, between 2004 and 2011. He also has 79 caps for his country, but now that must seem like a distant memory.

The Ivorian had to give up his money and  mansion to ex-wife Aurelie after their divorce. As a result, he’s hiding out in the house waiting for the police to arrive.

He revealed to the Sunday Mirror (via Daily Mail): “I am in the house but I am scared. Because I don’t know what time the police will come. Sometimes I shut off the lights because I don’t want people to know that I am inside. I put everything behind the door.

“My own house. I suffered to buy my house but I am now scared. I’m not going to sell my clothes or sell what I have. I’ll fight until the end because it is not fair.

“I want God to help me. Only he can help take these [suicidal] thoughts from my mind. It hurts me a lot [not to see his children]. They used to call me. But now, no contact. It pains me to be alone without them.”

Just a week ago, Goal published comments from the former defender about his son’s spot at Arsenal. The youngster currently plays in the Hale End academy, and Eboue told the website: “[Mathis] plays for Arsenal, I think he signed last year. I’m happy, happy to see him play and enjoy football.

“And also because he likes Arsenal. Because he had two choices, Chelsea and Arsenal. I didn’t tell him anything, I said: ‘Mathis it’s up to you. It doesn’t matter where, I want you to be happy’. And he said to me: ‘Daddy I want to play for Arsenal. I like Arsenal and you used to play here too, the people they love you, so I want to play here’.”

However, the Mirror now report that Eboue is separated from his children. The 34-year-old can’t see them or speak to them, which has been the case for months now.

It’s a sad situation for someone who brought so much happiness when he was at Arsenal.

The former Gunner says he got into this mess because he was “naïve”. He reportedly let his wife manage all his finances, explaining (via The S*n): “The money I earned, I sent it to my wife for our children. In Turkey I earned eight million euros. I sent seven million back home. Whatever she tells me to sign, I sign.”

Eboue is currently unable to play football due to his health.

However, hopefully he can find a job in the game soon, and get a new career going.

We wish him luck.