Ever since Alexis Sanchez’s move to Manchester City fell through in the summer, people have been insisting that the Chilean is one of the most professional footballers to ever play the sport, so why is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang viewed as the opposite?

After Alexis’ move to City didn’t go ahead, the 29-year-old’s strop-o-meter went from around a 5/10 to 8/10 almost overnight.

The forward would aimless dash about the pitch during his six month-sentence in north London, giving the ball away, or kicking it off the pitch and blaming his teammates. And that was just what we saw.

If reports from the likes of the Guardian are accurate, Alexis’ attitude was even worst behind the scenes.

All you have to do is look at the Arsenal players’ lack of heart-felt goodbyes when the forward signed for United and you get an idea of how Alexis’ teammates really felt about him, despite Arsene Wenger insisting there were no problems.

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Goal also reported that the Chilean flew back to his home country for Christmas, despite Arsene Wenger saying he didn’t, which possibly suggests that, if he did, it was without the permission of the club. Obviously, there’s no confirmation of this though.

Overall, Alexis scored nine goals and provided five assists during his final half-a-season at Arsenal. And he’s viewed as a ‘professional’.

The boss stuck up for him all along.

“He’s a very professional player who has been committed until the last minute,” Wenger lied told Arsenal Player when it was announced the 29-year-old had gone to United. Even after everything.

“I have no doubt that he wants to perform,” Wenger said in October, reports the Independent. “Sanchez never goes on the football pitch to lose a football game, never. Sanchez is a winner type.”

Pundits and former players also insisted Alexis would give his all for Arsenal until the end.

“This is a player who loves football. He wants to play and win,” wrote Martin Keown for the Daily Mail back in September.

Aubameyang, on the other hand, was completely vilified by the German press for his off-pitch behaviour. The Dortmund fans even booed him during their Bundesliga clash against Freiburg when the 28-year-old’s move to Arsenal was close to going through.

I’m surprised we didn’t see the Gabon international and his family being chased onto that private jet by an angry mob.

Yet Aubameyang, despite his off-pitch exploits, still scored 21 goals in 24 games.

When you look at the effort both players put into scoring for their team, even though they both knew they were leaving soon, which one seems like they downed tools and which one seems the more professional?

Yeah. Exactly.