Thursday’s headlines were dominated by the news that Shkodran Mustafi’s agent confirmed an agreement between his client and Arsenal but other stuff happened to, believe it or not.

We kicked off the day with the news that Serge Gnabry had scored another brace in the Olympics in Germany’s 10(!)-0 win over Fiji. That’s five goals in three games for the 21-year-old and they now progress to the quarter-finals. Unfortunately for Takuma Asano, Japan didn’t have the same result.

Wilshere was quite the chatterbox. He spoke about Manchester United’s £89m man, Paul Pogba, his fitness and about how the squad is strong enough as it is to win the title. He also quite rightly slammed England’s national side for not being good enough during the Euros.

Meanwhile, new signing Xhaka hailed Mesut Ozil; Mesut Ozil hailed Manchester City’s new signings; Ray Parlour said Arsenal need make new signings and Alex Iwobi got given a nice picture by the Premier League.

In other news, six Arsenal ladies have been called up and Daniel Sturridge is back in training for Liverpool, although he probably won’t be ready for Sunday (where have we heard that before?).

Now, let’s get to the good stuff and by good I mean the stuff that sometimes gives you butterflies and sometimes makes you want to claw your own eyes out.

The big story was obviously Mustafi’s agent spilling the beans on the German’s potential move to Arsenal. Numerous other sources, including Sky Germany, are claiming that the deal is close, although Wenger insisted that we wouldn’t have anyone new in before the Liverpool game. We give a nifty little roundup right here if you want to get up to speed.

Meanwhile, the Mahrez rumour has grown legs but instead of moving forward it’s just stumbling around in circles, looking a bit silly.

Ranieri pretended to not know what a journo was talking about and when he brought up Arsenal wanting to sign the winger, the Leicester City manager denied there was any interest. It’s all six of one, half a dozen of the other at the moment regarding the media and this story. We attempted to shovel all the poo into a neat pile for you right here so that you don’t have to dissect it yourself.

Wilfried Bony is still being linked with some outlets claiming that Arsenal are favourites to sign him when we’re not; Moussa Sissoko managed to look even more desperate in his plea for Real Madrid to come and get him than he did when he asked Arsenal; the media are still farting out stories about Ozil and Alexis not signing contract extensions and Icardi is off to either Napoli or Chelsea or the moon or basically anywhere that’s not Arsenal. Probably.