Jack Wilshere appears to be in the overwhelming minority that actually believes that Arsenal’s squad is strong enough as it is to win the Premier League.

The midfielder recently gave an interview in which he discussed the strength of the team, highlighting Granit Xhaka as a major addition. He claimed that we’re fine as we are, which clearly isn’t true.

“The squad is strong enough to win it,” he said.

“We have added Granit Xhaka, which is a good signing.

“People forget that in the past we have added big players like Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, and they are still in the prime of their careers.

“We finished second last year and we are confident that we can take any team on in this league.

“It will be interesting to see how Leicester deal with the pressure of being a team now that everyone knows is capable of winning.

“They will get treated different, they will get more respect.

“Also they will have to deal with the Champions League as well, which is going to be difficult.

“There are teams who were not involved in the title race last year — Man United and Chelsea dropped off quite early — but they’ve all improved.

“Now it’s down to them, down to us to respond.”

584449776 all stars mid fielder kaka competes for gettyimages
MLS All-Stars mid-fielder Kaka (L) competes for control of the ball with Arsenal mid-fielder Jack Wilshere (R) during an MLS All-Star match at Avaya Stadium in San Jose, California on July 28, 2016. (JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Wilshere is in a difficult position. While most players will at least acknowledge that it would be nice if we could sign a couple more men, Jack is very aware that he’s been sidelined for a long time and that his place within the squad is at risk. Although Arsene Wenger clearly believes in him, as he’s stood by him through everything, this isn’t going to be forever.

If everything stays how it is, Jack could return at some point, but sign another play in his position and he’s being pushed closer and closer to the exit. Even though another midfielder isn’t our priority right now, you an imagine that there is a small fear at the back of his mind.

Also, considering how faithful Wenger has been to him, the midfielder probably doesn’t want to seem as if he’s telling the manager how to do his job. We all know how Wenger feels about the players speaking to the press about these subjects and Jack can’t afford to slip up again.

Oooor, Jack actually believes we’re strong enough to win the title…

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