Claudio Ranieri has faced his latest round of questioning about Leicester City winger, Riyad Mahrez, with a mixture of confusion and indigence.

Arsenal have been heavily linked with a move for the 25-year-old recently, with various sources claiming that the player wants a move but won’t push for one, others saying that he’ll stay with Leicester and even more claiming than he’s signing for Arsenal soon.

It’s turned into a bit of a circus and, whether something’s happening behind the scenes or not (probably not), I can understand Ranieri’s annoyance at being asked, once again, about the future of his star player.

When asked about whether he’d told Mahrez that he was staying at the club, the Italian pretended to not know what the journalist was talking about at first, which was a little odd considering even the little crowns on the King Power logos behind him knew what the journo was talking about. He then said that Arsenal had no interest in Mahrez and hadn’t approached Leicester.


A bluff? Or was this whole thing just media speculation? Neither would surprise me.