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It's a family affair... third generation Gooner, obsessed with Arsenal since the 80's. I've been writing about that obsession and, ever so occasionally, the team since 2004 in a variety of places, but have found a natural home here. As you will find out if you stick around long enough, I am a huge fan of Santi Cazorla. I'm extremely fond of cheese, Marmite, Pipers Salt n' Vinegar crisps, Pilsner Urquell, vodka tonics and absinthe. I am also hopelessly obsessed with Depeche Mode.
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Will Wenger play rotation roulette against Southampton?

Now the transfer window is closed and the international break is at an end, Arsenal can get on with the business at hand.
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Long read: Assessing Arsenal's transfer window

Arsenal have, finally, addressed the two major shortcomings within the first team squad, but how was the window really?
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Five things Arsenal did this week that made us laugh (or cry)

This week has, even by Arsenal's standards, been one of high comedy. A few observations

Long read: Mutiny on the good ship Wenger

Bloody Philippe Coutinho. By the time the Brazilian left the field of play, midway through Sunday's second half, it's all too easy to imagine Arsène Wenger...
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Arsenal's clash against Liverpool, what to do about centre-back + Theo Walcott debate

Who wants to read about our failure to sign a centre forward and search for Johnny Evans?
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Is Mahrez to Arsenal rumour a red herring?

Julian Draxler, Riyad Mahrez, Alexandre Lacazette, that Mustafi guy. Everyday, a different rumour for us all to obsess and puzzle over.
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Have I been brainwashed by Arsene Wenger's transfer policy?

Are Arsenal so focused on doing things right that they forget to do the right thing?
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Questioning Mertesacker's captaincy and in praise of new anti-Chelsea rules

Should Wenger take the captaincy more seriously and why the new conduct rules will hopefully teach Chelsea and Jose Mourinho how to behave
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Does Thierry Henry love Arsenal or money?

"Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry..."
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Why Arsenal fans shouldn't complain about lack of transfers

There are, as I begin writing this, just three games of the 2016 Euros left. Who's your money on? I haven't watched nearly enough of...
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Are England's problems because of Tottenham and do they highlight Wenger's genius?

On Monday night, I sat and watched my first game of the Euros since the opening Saturday of the tournament. It goes without saying, even...

Jamie Vardy being a fool, remembering Bergkamp and Arsene Wenger never being right

I think the summer does funny things to people, you know. I'm not sure whether it's the sudden breakthrough of the sun from above the grey,...
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

The Euros: When club loyalty goes out the window

Despite watching all three of the games played on the opening Saturday of the Euros, I'd be hard pressed to tell you much about what happened in them.

Why Jamie Vardy can be Arsenal's new Ian Wright?

Arsenal have triggered Jamie Vardy's release clause, you've probably heard. Can he do for the Gunners what Ian Wright did when he arrived aged 27?
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Why Chelsea man could save Bellerin from Barcelona approach

Hector Bellerin has been called up to the Spain squad for this summer's European Championship, but Paul Williams explains why we don't need to worry. Yet.

Thank you, Tomas Rosicky

As Tomas Rosicky ends his Arsenal career with the expiration of his contract on Tuesday, Paul Williams takes a look back over his Arsenal career.

Arsenal deadwood replaced by Granit

I think we'd all prefer that Arsenal were seen to to be a bit more proactive in the transfer market, but a signing sealed and delivered before the end of May?

Ranking Arsenal's striker from 2015/16 season

I didn't stick my head above the parapet and offer to write this section of our end of season review just so I could slate Theo Walcott.
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Why this is Arsenal fans only choice

Arsene Wenger isn't going anywhere, so Paul Williams explains why getting behind the team or not going to games is the only choice fans realy have.

Remembering David Rocastle

Today marks 15 years since David Rocastle passed. Here, from our Arsenal Number 7s book, is an extract from Paul Williams chapter on this true legend
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Iwobi, Welbeck and Elneny - Three Arsenal positives that might save their season

Arsenal, perhaps for the first time this year, were seriously impressive in dispatching Everton this weekend. Pace, power, great interplay and, crucially, end product. The performance...
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Time for Wenger to leave, but where does that leave Arsenal?

'Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today...' Okay, maybe that's quite a dramatic opening, perhaps even unnecessary. However, it's hard to escape the feeling that...
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Why Arsenal fans have every right to protest against Wenger

Arsenal's victory at Hull City on Tuesday ensured that we will continue our defence of the FA Cup this weekend. I don't know, because I...
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Was this really the moment Arsenal's title challenge exploded?

Was Santi Cazorla's knee ligament injury the moment Arsenal's title challenge was fatally torpedoed, even before they got to play United and Swansea? It's likely...
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Does Arsenal striker need a break?

It's hard to look back on the first leg of Arsenal's Champions League tie with Barcelona with anything other than a sense of regret. Okay,...

Welbeck encourages on first start in 10 months

In his first first team start since last April, Danny Welbeck completed 67 minutes against Hull City on Saturday. And that is almost the best...
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Squad depth gives Arsenal a title race edge over Tottenham

Arsenal are the newly installed bookies favourites to win the Premier League for the first time since 2004. I'm not sure what our odds were...
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Proof Arsenal aren’t in negative spiral

The change in month, it seems, has not brought about a change in fortunes for our beloved Arsenal. The optimism fostered by the pre-Christmas win...

How Chelsea hero became Arsenal's nemesis

John Terry will not be offered a new deal by Chelsea at the end of this season. On hearing this news, my first reaction was...
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Chelsea Inflicted Pain

The Lightning Seeds once wrote a song called Sugar Coated Icebergs. You may not remember it, hell, you may not even remember the Lightning Seeds....

Will Welbeck return mean position change for Walcott?

Danny Welbeck is back in full training for Arsenal. Truly these are words that most of us probably never thought we'd type. Rumours that Special...
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Double Arsenal boost ahead of Chelsea match

Alexis and Mesut Özil's return to first team action could not be coming at a better time. For weeks now, the Arsenal starting XI, at least...

Player Focus: Aaron Ramsey saves the day against Stoke

Aaron Ramsey's last minute goal line clearance took Arsenal back to the top of the Premier League following a goalless draw at Stoke City. In truth, there wasn't...
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Why the magic of the FA Cup is still alive

This weekend, in a line surely designed to troll Arsenal fans everywhere, one tabloid wrote off the FA Cup as a competition only Arsenal...
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Mesut Ozil is Arsenal's key to the title

In Mesut Özil, Arsenal have a footballer who can deliver us the Premier League title. Hopefully, I have your attention now, yes? Good. That's how good I...

Can new blood take Arsenal all the way?

I'm not convinced that the last week saw us learn anything about Arsenal we didn't already know. Okay, so the battering we took at Southampton...
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Why Arsenal fans should enjoy Christmas after Manchester City win

The presents have been bought, though not wrapped and, thankful that we only live a five minute walk from Waitrose, the shopping is in. It...
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Who’s the specialist in failure now, Jose?

According to reports, the Chelsea board are considering replacing Jose Mourinho with Juande Ramos. Read that sentence again and let it sink in. The Chelsea...
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Why Arsenal's midfield maestro will be missed

Santi Cazorla's ruptured knee ligaments are, obviously, both a pain for him and for Arsenal Football Club. I begin here, because as happens sometimes, I...
Paul Williams Santi Cazorla

Arsenal: 4th not 14th

I wouldn’t say that I have spent the last few weeks soul searching, but it is fair to say that I have been in...