Helen Trantum

Helen is a season ticket holder with a desperate addiction to both chocolate and the Arsenal. It's really just a question of which kills her first! Since making the (near) fatal mistake of setting up home with a Tottenham season ticket holder, life has become much more complicated. She finds solace by writing for Daily Cannon and cleansing herself of all traces of Spurs on Twitter @nellypop13.
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Why doesn't Petr Cech save penalties for Arsenal?

Referees give a lot of penalties against Arsenal, but why doesn't Petr Cech save any of them?
Helen Trantum column

A tale of eleven Arsenal contracts

Arsenal are facing an unprecedented situation with many players out of contract at the same time in 2018. What's going on?
Helen Trantum column

Arsenal transfer raids put aside in favour of retention strategy

New signings aren't the answer, old players signing new deal is
Helen Trantum column

Why Arsenal players need to be frustrated like Alexis Sanchez

You may have heard about type A personalities.

Arsenal v Crystal Palace – A turgid affair fit for Sunday league standard

Ever feel like we're playing the same game of football over and over?
Helen Trantum column

How Granit Xhaka can lead Arsenal forward

Who sets the tempo of Arsenal’s play?
Helen Trantum column

Wenger’s House of Cards

“Be careful what you wish for.”
Helen Trantum column

Arsenal’s mentality of champions – a work in progress?

We talk a lot about mentality as a key component of great sides.
Helen Trantum column

Lies, Statistics & Petr Cech

You’ve probably heard of xG models.
Helen Trantum column

Margin for error: The solution to Arsenal’s injury woes

Professional athletes get injured a lot.
Helen Trantum column

Hector Bellerin: The boy who has become everything

How do you choose the name that adorns your Arsenal shirt?
Helen Trantum column

Jose Mourinho: The Anti-Arsene

Twenty years is a long time.
Helen Trantum column

Why hated Manchester United manager is key to Arsenal's season

At the start of the season, all the noise was about Pep Guardiola.
Helen Trantum column

How Arsenal learned vital lessons from Fabregas and Wilshere to save Alex Iwobi

Have Arsenal learned the lessons from overplaying youngsters?

Why Jack Wilshere is breaking hearts at Arsenal and Bournemouth

Jack Wilsere may have exchanged his frantic London life for a more relaxed seaside adventure, but reports emerged this weekend that his move has caused angst both back at Arsenal and down at Bournemouth.
David Ospina

Why Wenger is wrong to insist this Arsenal man is 'world class'

Earlier this week, Arsene Wenger claimed that he has two world class keepers in Petr Cech and David Ospina. Our resident goalkeeping expert, Helen Trantum, disagrees.
Helen Trantum column

Long read: This is how we solve Arsenal's empty seat problem

Why does the Emirates rarely look full?
Helen Trantum column

Long read: How Arsenal can win first title in 12 years

Sometimes your destiny is in your own hands, or at very least materially so.
Helen Trantum column

Why Hector Bellerin would be a massive loss for Arsenal

Stephen Bradley wrote a fascinating column yesterday.
Helen Trantum column

Blame me, Arsenal, blame me

First of all, I owe you an apology. In fact, I owe you a couple. In writing last week’s column on the beautiful football of our...
Helen Trantum column

It's time to be honest - Arsenal's football has been rubbish

Whisper it, but Arsenal haven’t been playing the most beautiful football.

20 minute read for Arsene Wenger’s 20 years

There is a generation of Arsenal fans who have known no other, so what, exactly, has Arsene Wenger done in his 20 years at the club?
Helen Trantum column

Has Arsenal v Chelsea lost its spark without Jose Mourinho?

"Remember who you are, what you are, and who you represent."

Long read - Assessing Arsene Wenger's 20 years as Arsenal manager

There is a generation of Arsenal fans who have known no other, so what, exactly, has Arsene Wenger done in his 20 years at the club?
Helen Trantum column

Why Tottenham can only dream of emulating Arsenal

Tottenham are at least a decade behind Arsenal.

Once upon a time - a tale of Manchester United manager's obsession with Arsene...

Once upon a time, Jose Mourinho's full-on obsession
Helen Trantum column

Have we reached 'peak Theo' a decade after he left Southampton?

What have you achieved in the last ten years?
Helen Trantum column

What makes an Arsenal legend and what rules you out?

Is the term 'legend' too readily used in modern football?
Mesut Ozil of Arsenal takes on Dele Alli of Tottenham during the Barclays Premier League match between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal at White Hart Lane on March 5, 2016 in London, England.

Who had the better transfer window - Arsenal or Tottenham?

We look at how our transfer window compares to that of our rivals. First up: Tottenham Hotspur.
Helen Trantum column

Long read: Why Wenger was right

Shipping four goals is never, ever, excusable but Arsene Wenger was right to not play Laurent Koscielny against Liverpool.

Player focus: Walcott shows his Sunday best v Liverpool

It's not been a year to remember for Theo Walcott.
Helen Trantum column

Long read: Why nothing beats an Arsenal matchday

For every fan that gets to go to every game, there are a hundred more that will never have that chance, so I thought I'd use this week's column to describe what a matchday in the life of Helen looks like, in an effort to share the experience.
Helen Trantum column

Why Arsenal man's Serie A move is good for Gunners

The observant among you will know I’m a big Wojciech Szczesny fan.
Helen Trantum column

Arsenal's transfer clock is ticking

I left home over four years ago.
Helen Trantum column

Is this Theo Walcott's last chance at Arsenal?

Our striking options are looking a tad threadbare.
Helen Trantum column

Reasons to be proud of Arsenal and football in a messed up world

I’m lost without football. Each summer, I spend three months in purgatory, with the solace of international matches and pre-season friendly barely the slightest comfort,...
Helen Trantum column

Arsenal need to get shopping, but which club is winning the trolley dash?

You cannot afford to stand still, even if you win the league. You could argue that it’s a theory created by fans who simply always...
Helen Trantum column

Tony Adams in, Arsene Wenger out?

Mr Arsenal is home, but is he home for good?
Helen Trantum column

Can we have a referendum on Arsene Wenger?

I saw a tweet today which suggested the correlation between AKB and Remain / WOB and Leave were probably pretty strong, and while that's a sizeable jump, it did get me thinking about the similarities between the Brexit fallout and the divisions in our fanbase.