Arsenal fans are currently hailing Mesut Ozil’s apparent attempt to persuade Alexis Sanchez to sign a new deal with the Gunners.

Alexis’s love for his two golden retrievers, Atom and Humber, is common knowledge among Arsenal fans and it appears his teammates as well.

In fact, Ozil recently showed the Chilean some cute pictures of similar dogs on Twitter, in a gesture which some Gooners are claiming is an attempt to make the forward feel wanted and therefore stay in north London.

The two 28-year-olds both have just one left year on their respective deals. However, Ozil seems far more likely to extend his contract, even saying that his preference is to stay at Arsenal, compared to Alexis, and the Germany international knows how crucial his teammate is to the team.

“I hope Alexis stays but I don’t know what the status is to be perfectly honest,” said Ozil recently.

“But I value him a lot as a player and he’s very well-suited to the game Arsenal play.

“From a personal view I would really appreciate it if he stays. However, it’s the player’s decision after all and there’s not much more I can comment on that.

“It would hit the team quite hard if he left because he’s a player who always delivers. It would be a setback to winning the title but in the end, it’s the player’s decision.”

While it’s doubtful that this was a genuine attempt to curry favour with Alexis, who scored 30 goals over all competitions for Arsenal last season and has been heavily linked with a move to Manchester City, Gooners are seeing the funny side since Ozil is know for his assists.