Paris Saint-Germain director Antero Henrique is reportedly in London to do a deal for Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez.

  • PSG have renewed their interest in Alexis 
  • Arsenal have decided not to sell him this summer
  • PSG reportedly value him at £35m

The Ligue 1 club have recently renewed their interest in the Chilean and are keen to get a deal done quickly. To that end, director Antero Henrique has reportedly flown out to London to negotiate a deal with Arsenal.

PSG reportedly value Alexis at £35m and hope they can do a deal for around that price. In which case, they will probably return to Paris disappointed, as Arsenal have already said that they will not sell him.

Should that stance change, you can bet they’ll be demanding a lot more than £35m despite Alexis only having a year left on his contract. PSG will be free to talk with Alexis in six months time ahead of a potential free transfer, however.

The prospect of losing Alexis for free isn’t worrying Arsenal, as they believe there is more to gain from keeping him for another year than selling him now.

Arsenal need to get back into the Champions League as quickly as possible, and will have a better chance of doing so with Alexis still at the club.