Tag: Daily Rant

Burnley manager doesn't attack Arsenal fans, media says he does

Sean Dyche aspires to be like Arsene Wenger and doesn't understand why the manager gets criticised.

Tottenham man Player of the Season? Not even Player of North London!

Harry Kane looks like he could be a cert for Player of the Season, but he isn't even the best player in north London

Sky prove they care as little for Arsenal fans as BBC

Sky Sports have made their pick of games from May and once again Arsenal fans face a long trip with no trains home.

Arsenal and Liverpool fans planned boycott is doomed to fail

Arsenal and Liverpool fans are planning on protesting ticket prices in the stupidest way imaginable.

Voting Harry Kane over Olivier Giroud is simply ridiculous

Harry Kane has been voted PFA player of the month for March proving that the fans who vote on these sorts of things are morons.

Reading fans get three semi tickets, Arsenal fans rely on luck

While Arsenal fans go into a ballot for semi-final tickets for the FA Cup, Reading season ticket holders can claim THREE each.