So, here we have a select group of Arsenal fans teaming up with some Liverpool fans to boycott the first ten minutes of this week’s match at the Emirates because of ‘exorbitant’ ticket prices.

I understand people are furious about ticket prices, but you know what? Find another way… Please.

Firstly, why would anyone care if I boycotted ten minutes of a game that I already paid £64 (just under $95) for? The money is already in the bank. To think otherwise is the absolute worst case of self-inflating narcissism ever known to man.

So instead of stopping at 10 minutes, why not go the entire 90, plus half time too… Then you can complain that the fan environment in the stadium stinks, but you wouldn’t have anything to do with that either, now would you?

Maybe it’s me, but if I can’t afford something I don’t complain about how expensive it is. I just don’t buy it. I don’t have to like it, but that’s how life is. Or, maybe you could stay at home and watch it on Sky for an extra £4 per month.

Oh, you’re protesting that TOO?

Guess what folks: going to a game anywhere in any sport is expensive. Going to the cinema is expensive. Going to a concert is REAL bloody expensive. Entertainment, which I think is still non-life-sustaining, is still a luxury, and is expensive.

I’ve paid as much for an MLS game at rickety RFK Stadium in DC, and bought food and drinks, and transportation on top of it – I did it gladly and I really enjoyed myself.

And guess what, I can’t come close to buying a baseball ticket for that amount, much less an NFL ticket.

So you there… yes, you, with your off-coloured scarves, get over yourselves already, please.

You’re not really helping, you’re just making things worse.

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