Not every season ticket holder of Arsenal will be able to get a ticket for the Wembley semi-final but Reading season ticket holders can apply for three each.

That’s right – people who aren’t season ticket holders and don’t even go to Reading games can rock up at Wembley if they happen to have a mate who is a season ticket holder while Arsenal season ticket holders had to go into a ballot and weren’t guaranteed a ticket.

And that’s before we even get to silver and red members.

Hardly seems fair, does it?

I get that it’s a neutral venue but some sort of common sense has to prevail here, doesn’t it?

Why should Arsenal fans be punished simply because their support base is larger while Reading ‘fans‘ get rewarded for not giving two stuffs about their club?

Let’s not forget, when it comes to the actual final itself, whoever makes it, those supporters will get even fewer tickets than the corporate people who have no affiliation whatsoever to either of the sides in the final.

If you think that Reading won’t take their full allocation you’re in for a shock as they’ve already told the FA that they will take any extra that are going in addition to their 31,500….you know, just in case someone has a granny that wants to know what all this football fuss is about.

Arsenal have around 45,000 season ticket holders with countless others red and silver members who attend as many matches as they can get tickets for.

Quite how they would work it to be fair I don’t know, but I know that this is a joke.

And if you think it isn’t, the you just need to see tweets like this from a Reading fan:

Craig @Craigo1871  Mon Mar 30 21:05:49 2015
Arsenal fans are hilarious. I might by an extra ticket and burn it just so you can’t go. #afc #readingfc

Somebody should offer that guy a ‘U’ for his ticket.