Aron Sanchez is no longer set to join pre-season with Arsenal, but the option of a transfer hasn’t been entirely ruled out.

Aron Sanchez with AD Cantolao (Photo via Diego Montalvan on Twitter)

Earlier in the summer, reports from Peru suggested AD Cantolao 18-year-old Aron Sanchez would join Arsenal for a trial during pre-season. Football.London then confirmed the news, adding that he was seen as a potential recruit for the u23s.

But it looks like that proposed trial is falling apart a bit. Diego Montalvan (via Toca Y Pasa Peru) spoke to the player and established that he’s no longer set to join Arsenal in pre-season.

Montalvan then spoke to Sanchez’s club Cantolao, who claimed that despite the concrete interest from Arsenal, they never sent an invitation for a trial.

ArsenalFanaticsNews, who broke the trial news in the first place, now claim that Sanchez’s contract has third-party ownership, which scuppered a potential deal. But Montalvan reports that Cantolao are denying these reports.

What we do know is that Sanchez has a contract until 2022, and it’s still unclear whether he might yet join Arsenal this summer.

It doesn’t look like we’ll get a chance to see the teenager play in pre-season, but Arsenal’s interest appears to be genuine and we may yet have one final twist in this story.