Carl Jenkinson, famously, is the last man standing from Arsenal’s fabled British core and while the club have announced the names of other players being released, somehow Carl Jenkinson remains an Arsenal player.

Carl Jenkinson vs Blackpool via Instagram
Carl Jenkinson vs Blackpool via Instagram

On 30 June 2019, Carl Jenkinson will no longer be an Arsenal player but while the likes of Petr Cech, Danny Welbeck and Aaron Ramsey all had contracts that expired at the same time, the latter have all been formally released by the club.

There has been zero talk about a new deal for Jenkinson, nor should there be. Similarly, there has been little talk of interest from other clubs either.

It’s all very strange.

Except it isn’t when you realise that his contract expires in 2020 not 2019.

Most, I assume, myself included, have been operating from the expiry date given on Transfermarkt. This has been so widely spread it has just become the accepted truth.

But he signed a new five-year deal in 2015 before he moved to West Ham on loan.

carl jenkinson 5 year deal telegraph
Carl Jenkinson signs new 5-year deal The Telegraph, 2015

The most bananas part of all this is that we turned down £8m for him.

Anyway, the Daily Record in Scotland report that Celtic *could* be interested in him. Any interest is in the very early stages.

Arsenal, of course, have been linked with Kieran Tierney for a while now but Jenks’ value is so low it would hardly make a dent in any deal there.

Imagine turning down £8m for Carl Jenkinson in 2015.