Arsenal stars enjoyed hippy crack! It’s enough to start a scandal – if you try hard enough.

That’s what the S*n, who are the experts at this sort of thing, wants but in case you find yourself getting worked up over this nothing story, allow me to take a few minutes to highlight a few points that you might have missed….

1This party took place BEFORE the season started

Daily Mail 8 December 2018

I don’t know if the S*n only just found out about the story or they have been holding it since the summer (more likely the latter knowing the S*n, they did the same when Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang when he first arrived, bringing up a dis-proved story that once again went nowhere) but the fact is this all took place more than THREE months ago and we’ve been doing alright since then.

A number of papers on Saturday were discussing how the story will be a ‘distraction’ ahead of the game against Huddersfield but that’s disingenuous.

The COVERAGE of the story might be a distraction but the club have already dealt with the matter and the players involved have been among the standout stars of Arsenal’s season so far.

Arsenal ‘warning players of their responsibilities’ took place ages ago.