Arsenal stars enjoyed hippy crack! It’s enough to start a scandal – if you try hard enough.

That’s what the S*n, who are the experts at this sort of thing, wants but in case you find yourself getting worked up over this nothing story, allow me to take a few minutes to highlight a few points that you might have missed….

2‘Hippie crack’ is not illegal and it’s not crack

via The S*n

Sticking the word ‘crack’ on the end of the street name for nitrous oxide is a simple way of making something not very exciting seem like it could be about to cause an epidemic.

In fact, it’s insulting to compare the two when you consider the devastation actual crack unleashes upon individuals and criminals.

Nitrous oxide is nothing more than laughing gas that you get at the dentist, designed to relax and produce the giggles.

It is no more illegal than alcohol and, many would argue, significantly less damaging to both the person taking it and society as a whole.