The S*n have targeted Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for their latest hatchet job the day after he scored his first goal for the club and it appears as if the story might be overblown to say the least. Shocking, I know!

Aubameyang made his debt for Arsenal and scored his first goal for the club on Saturday evening.

He was happy, Arsene Wenger was happy and all the Arsenal fans were happy.

So naturally, it was opportune time for the S*n to publish a story about the striker allegedly almost hitting someone with his car three years ago.

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By Neil Syson
4th February 2018,

Just a day after the Everton game, the S*n released this exclusive about how the German police investigated claims from Martina Wechsung that Aubameyang had tried to hit her with his car.

Wechsung was allegedly asked by Aubameyang in 2014 to do some PR work for him after she set up a Facebook fanpage for Dortmund. The S*n claim Wechsung believes this upset the player’s father (and agent) by ‘stepping on his toes’.

According to her account as reported by The S*n, Aubameyang invited her to the Dortmund training ground in March 2014 to formalise the deal but he was ‘panicking’ about how to call it off, and then almost hit her with his vehicle.

“The road from the training ground leading to the street outside is quite narrow, difficult for two cars from both sides to drive through,” she reportedly said.

“I was on the street, waiting where he told me to meet him.

“As soon as he saw me he sunk his head lower, gave his car the full throttle.

“I heard the revving of the car, saw it coming towards me in a blur of metal.

“It was terrifying – it felt like a guided missile bearing down upon me. He accelerated from 0 to about 60mph in just a few seconds in his Lamborghini.

“Only my quick reflexes saved me from being hit by the car.

“I would have hit the windscreen and flown over the car.

“I could have been killed or very badly injured if I had not jumped. I was shocked.

“It was all really strange because he later explained he thought I only existed on the internet and was not a real person.”

All of that sounds very serious, and reportedly prompted the German police to launch an investigation in February 2015, which ended last year according to Henning Kruse of the prosecutor’s office in Dortmund. So say the S*n, at least.

The S*n fail to provide any details about the outcome of this investigation but clearly, he did not end up in prison for five years like they suggest he could have.

According to Wechsung, Aubameyang faced no punishment.

“I don’t think the investigation that was opened examined anywhere near all the facts. This incident happened on a German road. For that alone he should have been punished,” she said.

Having already done an article on all of Aubameyang’s misdemeanours without finding mention of him trying to run someone over, the more we read this story the more it started to sound a little off, so we did some investigating.


This is what we found:

  • A Google search between 1st February 2015 and 31 December 2017 turned up one result, in Bild.
  • A search of a large number of German papers regarding this incident returned nothing.
  • A conversation with Stefan Buczko from The Yellow Wall, who also covers Dortmund for ESPN and who spoke to Aubameyang shortly before he left for Arsenal, revealed that Stefan was unaware of this incident until now.
  • A Google image search using the image that is meant to be Martina Wechsung returned five results, all of them posted after The S*n’s article. Google also think the image was taken in Italy, which it might have been.
  • A Google image search for the second image returned three results, all published after The S*n’s article but at least this time Google thinks it was taken in Germany.
  • The S*n claim to have seen abusive messages sent to Martina Wechsung on Facebook but there is only one Martina Wechsung profile on Facebook and that belongs to someone in Poland.
  • The S*n call the prosecutor ‘Henning Kruse’. We found a ‘Henner Kruse’ detailed as a prosecutor in the only article online we could find that mentions what The S*n are claiming happened in 2015.
  • The Bild article contains part of the quotes detailed above almost word-for-word, which The S*n are claiming as part of their EXCLUSIVE. They state (via Google translate) “I was on the road off the training ground, he had ordered me there. When I stepped on the street and he saw me, he lowered his head, gave full throttle and kept it on top of me. If I had not jumped to the side, he would have caught me with his golden Lamborghini. “…however…
  • Although some of the quotes are repeated almost word-for-word, the remainder do not feature and The S*n do not say where they came from.
  • Wechsung’s lawyer, Burkhard Benecken, is also quoted by Bild, and it is he who raises the issue of a possible five-year sentence which The S*n detail in their EXCLUSIVE.


Now, ask yourself, given that it was even reported when Aubameyang parked his Lamborghini in front of a shop in 2014, and in a disabled spot in 2015, are we to believe him attempting to run someone over would be ignored by the media for over thee years?

None of this is to say that Wechsung isn’t telling the truth, but given the timing of the report, and their history with stories of this nature, we can only assume that the S*n had nefarious intentions when they published this, at best, rather than any desire for justice on her behalf.