Matteo Guendouzi has joked that Marouane Fellaini might be ‘jealous’ of his hair and that’s why he couldn’t resist grabbing a handful when Arsenal and Manchester United met at Old Trafford on Wednesday night.

fellaini hair pull guendouzi
Fellaini on Guendouzi

The Manchester United midfielder used to be as famous for his own hairstyle as he was for his flailing arms and being Jose Mourinho’s long-ball Plan B, but he surprised many people by chopping it all off.

“I think there is a bit of jealousy,” Guendouzi told RMC Sports. “Maybe Marouane still cannot accept to be back to short hair!”

After the incident, The FA confirmed that they would take no further action against Fellaini, despite issuing a three-game ban to Robert Huth for the exact same thing on Fellaini himself.

As you can see from the video above, there is absolutely no difference between the incidents.

Also, imagine, if you will, that Fellaini had grabbed a chunk of Lucas Torreira’s hair and dragged him back. At worst he would have received a yellow but most would have called for a red.

You simply cannot go around a football pitch pulling a player by his hair, no matter what length it is.

Andre Marriner, in his infinite wisdom, gave a freekick but issued no card. Because he gave a freekick the FA can do nothing about it.

It’s the same story with the red Marcus Rojo should have got for his ‘challenge’ on Guendouzi in the box. Freekick given, no chance to deal with the matter properly retroactively.

In the same category, I would include the inability to appeal yellow cards.

While most times yellows are incidental beyond controlling a player’s behaviour during the game, the totting up process means players end up with bans – like Granit Xhaka who was unavailable for Wednesday night because he’d picked up five bookings.