Liverpool do not want to sign Aaron Ramsey because they are concerned about his injury history and his age.

The Mirror are running a piece based on ‘their understanding’ that Liverpool aren’t interested in signing Aaron Ramsey. This is hardly news. A few weeks ago we covered reports that Liverpool had allegedly contacted Arsenal to tell them they weren’t interested in the Welshman.

Many saw Jurgen Klopp’s side as the perfect vehicle to get the best out of the Welshman on a consistent basis.

Aaron Ramsey, Hattrick hero v Everton
Aaron Ramsey, Hattrick hero v Everton

It seems, however, that they might be feeling more than a little burned by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and are incredibly wary of Ramsey’s injury history which is understandable.

Ramsey has missed 113 games through injury since his leg break in 09/10, the guts of two full seasons. Last season he missed 11.

Klopp is also said to be concerned about Ramsey’s age – he will be 28 in January and well on his way to being 29 when his contract expires.

Ramsey, for his part, seemed a little taken back by Arsenal withdrawing their offer. If he is, then he should have a word with his agent who has made a bit of a mess of this whole thing as we explained recently.