Ivan Gazidis spoke to a reporter at Arsenal Women’s 5-0 thrashing of Liverpool on Sunday but would not reveal if he’s made a decision about his future.

Gazidis has kept his own counsel despite constant speculation that he will leave Arsenal to become CEO of AC Milan under the guidance of their new owner, and friend of Gazidis’, Paul Singer and Elliott Management.

His silence, however, highlights his interest in the role. If he had none, he would say that and the rumours would stop.

So, it was perhaps surprising that Gazidis was at Meadow Park on Sunday for the Arsenal Women’s season opener against Liverpool. About the game, he had plenty to say. “It was a brilliant start,” he told the Islington Gazette in an exclusive interview with Layth Yousif, and he wasn’t wrong. The Gunners were four up by halftime.

“We think we’ve got a really great squad. There’s great spirit in the team. You can see they’re fighting for each other.

arsenal w v liverpool 2
via Arsenal.com

“Their movement today was excellent, they looked very sharp.

“Joe [Montemurro] is doing a great job and is set to have a very successful season.

“There is quality right across the squad from top to bottom is really good. But what is also important is that there are a lot of young players out there who will grow together.

“It’s going to be an exciting time for Arsenal. We have always been at the forefront of the women’s game and will continue to be.”

He was then pressed about this whole AC Milan saga but declined to say anything. It was another opportunity to make it all go away and he didn’t take it, speaking volumes without saying a word. Yousif also reported that Arsenal feel Gazidis will leave for Italy while the Arsenal CEO is waiting on assurances from Elliot Management over the availability of funds.

If he prevaricates any longer, AC Milan may make up his mind for him. A report in Corriere dello Sport claims that the Italians are growing tired of waiting for him. This is not the first time this has been suggested in the Italian press. Arsenal are also said to be annoyed by his indecision.

Perhaps it wasn’t Arsene Wenger who was unable to make up his mind all along…