I returned from a weekend away to stories of Fenerbahce hoping to use Mesut Ozil’s unhappiness to lure him to Turkey and my first thought was ‘how long was I away?’

I thought the transfer window had just closed yet, here we are, months away from it reopening dealing with this nonsense again.

Let’s be clear, this is total nonsense and simply a case of a club trying to use a popular news story to increase their profile.

Why is it nonsense?

mesut ozil germany v

Fenerbahce play in Turkey and although they are a huge side, relatively speaking, they are not big enough for a player like Mesut Ozil who hasn’t even turned 30 yet. Their most expensive player is Islam Slimani, a forward who couldn’t cut it at Leicester. He’s valued at around £16.2m.

Although Ozil’s value has dropped since he signed for Arsenal, his new five-year deal means that Fener would need to pay at least £45m for him and that’s being conservative.

In addition to his transfer fee, there is the not-so-small matter of his wages. Ozil earns around £350k-per-week at Arsenal, by far the highest paid player at the club. When Fenerbahce signed Robin van Persie in 2015 they made him the highest-paid player at their club. His wage? €4.9m-a-year. That equates to €94k-a-week, or, £84k if you prefer your currency in sterling.

There’s no denying Ozil is a fan of Fenerbahce and would probably like to turn out for them one day. But that day is not today. Or in January, or in any of the next number of transfer windows.

On top of that, there’s absolutely nothing to indicate that Ozil is unhappy in London.