The Spanish players union has declared unanimously that it is opposed to La Liga playing regular league games in the United States and will not rule out the possibility of going on strike to stop the proposals becoming a reality.

In a move that could be seen as standing up to modern football, captains and vice-captains from the league’s 20 sides met in Madrid on Wednesday.

David Aganzo, the players’ union president, said: “The captains are surprised and angry that such an important decision was taken without being consulted. We will do everything possible to avoid this.”

The development should be followed closely by the rest of world football, particularly in the Premier League where talk of a 39th game has never really died. The Premier League are desperate to milk as much money as they can from fans in the US and Asia and it seems only a matter of time before another fundamental change arrives in football, either through foreign league games or a European Super League that top clubs are said to support.

When that time comes, players, clubs, and fans will have to unite if they are to have any chance of impacting the decisions at the top of the game.

Stan Kroenke and the arrival of modern football at Arsenal

As we’ve seen with Arsenal fans’ protests against Stan Kroenke, United’s with the Glazers, Blackburn with the Venky’s or any protests at the dozens of clubs now in the hands of less-than-desirable owners, fan protests have little-to-no impact at present.