Thierry Henry is preparing to appoint Gilles Grimandi as his assistant at Bordeaux, according to reports in France.

RMC reported on Wednesday that Henry was preparing to take over from Gus Poyet as manager at the club, after saying ‘yes’ to their offer of employment. The outlet added that the former Gunner is ‘ready to appoint’ his former team-mate, Grimandi, as his second in command at the club.

Grimandi currently works for Arsenal, as the club’s chief scout in France. He likely played a part in the signing of Matteo Guendouzi from Ligue 2 this summer, so it would be disappointing to lose him.

In addition, the departure would represent another of the Arsene Wenger faithful leaving the club this summer. There’s already been a large turnover of staff between Wenger and Unai Emery’s respective set ups, and Grimandi looks to be adding to the growing list.

It’s not exactly surprising so many are choosing now to move on. When they’d worked for Wenger for as long as many of them had, they probably passed up previous opportunities to leave, to stay loyal to the 68-year-old. Now he’s gone, there’s not as much keeping them around.

We’ll see what Grimandi decides if Bordeaux do appoint Henry in the coming days.