The FA has announced that they will disclose the teams with a successful bid for the 2018/19 season on Sunday.

1How many teams will get in ?

The FA has already confirmed 10 teams in the FA WSL and seven in the Championship, with a maximum of 14 in the FA WSL and 12 in the Championship that is clearly oversubscribed.

The lateness of the announcement is due to the FA waiting know the name of the third-tier play-off winner in order to see if they fit the criteria for the newly-named second tier – the Championship.

Blackburn and Charlton will fight for the final Championship spot.

The FA have also introduced a new ruling about current FA WSL1&2 teams that fail in their bid to be offered a place in the new Leagues.

Those teams will be demoted two divisions i.e. Sunderland would drop to the third tier – the newly-named FA Women’s National league North, while Oxford and Watford will be sent to the fourth tier – the FA Women’s National League 1, in one of four regional divisions.

This is a hard punishment from the FA.

It seems like they really want to hammer the teams who failed to win a bid and were previously in the FA WSL 1 &2. I mean, those teams get relegated and will lose most of their players. Sending them down two divisions is clearly harsh.

In a way, you can see why the FA would want Sunderland to drop to the Championship if they are not committed to spending the amount of money the FA wants clubs to spend in tier one and two.

Although, forcing clubs to spend hundred of thousand pounds when their turnover is nowhere near that level is driving them to fold if they do not have sufficient back-up from a rich owner or men’s club.

Forcing Oxford and Watford to the fourth tier, if they fail in their bid to get into the Championship, is simply unbelievable. They could have gone into the National League North/South and there is no real reason to demote them to a level lower.

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