Mesut Ozil’s agent, Dr. Erkut Ogut has launched an unprecedented attack on Martin Keown after the former Arsenal man severely criticised the German once again, and he’s right – the ex-defender really does seem to have a problem with Ozil.

When Dr. Sogut sat down to write his lengthy statement about Martin Keown he made sure he didn’t leave a single thing unsaid.

But in amongst his lengthy statement, which you can read in full here (and I would encourage all to do so if you haven’t already, it really is like nothing you’ve ever read before), he said, “But to sit there and criticise, and criticise, and criticise, time and time again, it’s getting a bit boring, in all honesty.”

So, has Keown criticised Ozil ‘time and time again?’ Well, going on just the attacks we’ve covered, Sogut was at least 16 ‘times’ short.

In the past 12 months alone Keown has slammed Ozil 18 times – and those were only the comments we covered. There have been plenty more we didn’t bother with.

You can see all 18 below:

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