Former Arsenal defender Martin Keown accuses Arsenal’s star duo Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez of unprofessional behaviour.

Both said players have only one year left on their respectful contracts and are yet to start negotiations regarding their renewal.

Alexis Sanchez has been in lethal form through all off the season scoring 29 goals in all competitions, and there are rumors of Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain closing in to try and make a deal for the player.

Mesut Ozil is also believed to consider his options as the German international stalled any further talks about the new contract.

In a conversation with journalist from BT Sport, Martin Keown offered his opinion on the current situation regarding Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez, but also on his viewing of Arsene Wenger and his future at the club.

“Ozil wasn’t available for large periods. Was he injured, wasn’t he? Was it sickness, was it injury? He didn’t seem to be around when they needed him most.

“Sanchez then had an incident at the club [when he was dropped for the defeat to Liverpool at Anfield in March]. It felt like he threw his toys out of the cot for a little while. We don’t really know exactly what happened.

“All of that was I think, as a result that these guys were maybe overindulged a little bit. I’ve been a bit surprised how the group have been a bit nice with them.

“I do feel like if I was playing in some of the games when Ozil doesn’t get a perfect pass I think I already would have been in his ear telling him my bit: ‘I’m trying to give the ball to you, don’t disrespect me in the way you do when I don’t get the ball to you”.

When talking about his former manager, Keown said: “When I played under him, he made everything feel warm, comfortable because of the security he gave you.

“There was almost a love from the manager. So when he says he doesn’t want to be a part of that or that he hasn’t made his mind up, he is pulling away a lot of support and I think he underestimated that.

“He should help to find his replacement but stay on in the meantime. If he goes now we could be nearly into June before the new man is coming in.

“I don’t know if he has enough time to put it together – the new manager will want different players so it’s not giving the new manager much time.”

Has Arsenal’s squad given too ‘soft’ treatment to their star teammates? And should have there been a stronger approach from the leading players and especially the captain, who does have a say in important matters?

Ultimately, we can’t really know how all this was handled, but there is a sense that both Ozil and Sanchez get the treatment similar to those of spoiled children who often do what they please and get away with it.