Arsenal recorded their first pre-season win with a comfortable 3-0 win against fellow WSL1 side Everton. Goals from Jordan Nobbs, Jodie Taylor and Danielle Carter sealed the result at half-time.

Following the 3-0 defeat at Potsdam and the 1-1 draw at Paris Saint-Germain, there was a clear expectation for a win in the first home pre-season friendly on the new Borehamwood FC pitch, reports

It did not take long for Jordan Nobbs to open the scoring with a fantastic scissor-kick volley inside the penalty area after good work from Lisa Evans.

Jodie Taylor added a second goal with a typical finish that we saw during the Euros, and Danielle Carter got also the scoresheet with an excellent work from wing.

Overall, it was a typical pre-season friendly with teams trying things and an intensity that was not the greatest in the second half once the score was settled.

If we have a look at the first three friendlies played so far, we can see some trends already. As a side note, Arsenal have not announced any more friendlies between now and September 24 when the season starts.

  • Turbine Potsdam 3-0 Arsenal: Moorhouse; Samuelsson, Williamson, Quinn, Hinds; Evans, Lumsden; O’Reilly, Carter, N’Gunga; Mead. Subs in: Filbey, Cook, M Taylor, Cataldo, Peart
  • Paris Saint-Germain 1-1 Arsenal: Moorhouse; Samuelsson, Henning, Quinn, Janssen; Nobbs Williamson; Carter, Van De Donk, O’ Reilly; Mead. Subs in: Miedema, Scott, Evans, Peart, Hinds
  • Arsenal 3-0 Everton: Moorhouse; Scott, Henning, Janssen, O’Reilly; Williamson, Nobbs; Evans, Van De Donk, Carter; J Taylor. Subs in: Quinn, Rose, Samuelsson, Kuyken, Hinds

Manager Pedro Losa has only used four players who started all three games. He has used 16 different starters out of those three games and 24 players overall.

The first-team players that have not played so far are Van Veenendaal, Mitchell, Sampson and Little with the latter three coming back from injury or still in rehabilitation.

In term of the lone striker place, Mead has had two starts, Miedema has featured for just one half of a game, while Taylor has had one full game. It is hard to know who will get the nod up front.

There are still three weeks before the season starts and the girls will have to hit the ground running, with the home opener against a tough Birmingham City side and their first away game against another title contender in Manchester City.