Arsene Wenger was left bitterly disappointed by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s decision to leave after six years of the club, and didn’t show any reluctance to tell him so, according to latest reports.

David Ornstein reported on Twitter that Wenger made a genuine attempt to keep all three of Oxlade-Chamberlain, Mesut Özil and Alexis Sanchez, but the English international was always the most likely to leave much to the fury of his manager. “I’m told Wenger did not hold back when Oxlade-Chamberlain told him face-to-face that he wanted to move on,” he said.

However, this didn’t stop Wenger being “stunned and bitterly disappointed when Oxlade-Chamberlain rejected the club’s final contract offer” says Ornstein. “(The offer was) an enormous payrise that would have earned him close to £180,000 per week if Arsenal made it back into the Champions League.”

Much of the rumours in the media around Ox’s decision to reject contract offers on the table centred around the financial aspect. There were claims on social media that the midfielder didn’t really want to leave at all, and his agent was just playing Arsenal for more money.

It appears, however, that he had made up his mind to go regardless of how much Arsenal offered the player. There’s definitely a sense among supporters that the 24-year-old had been given a lot by the club, given he missed more games with injury than he actually played in his six years. It didn’t go down well with fans that he’s left so soon after he found some form.

Wenger seemingly feels the same way, and maybe even feels more of a personal disappointment that the former Southampton man hasn’t shown the same faith in the manager who kept giving him chances. So it’s no surprise that he would take the opportunity to express this disappointment.