Arsene Wenger has said that the fans’ support will be necessary if Arsenal are to have a successful season.

It’s been a tumultuous couple of weeks for Arsenal. Half the team wanted to leave, no late signings were made and the team lost away to Stoke and Liverpool. It’s only now that people have been able to take stock of it all.

One of those people is Arsene Wenger. Now that the transfer window is over, he’s looking ahead at the season and believes it’s far too early to write Arsenal off. While acknowledging the expectations that fans have, Wenger wants people to get fully behind the team again.

“People always make their mind up very quickly,” Wenger told beIN Sports. “And the players forget always very quickly how good you are, you know, much quicker than you think.

“And we have to continue to believe in our strength and as well not to forget. And our fans as well you know.

“To have a successful season we need our fans. And our fans can say. ‘OK we’re not good enough our squad is not good enough And think, OK, we have no chance this year.’ That will not work.

“We want our fans to be behind us in this moment, as well. Even if we are very sorry for what we delivered.

“But to have a successful season we need to have that. And let’s not forget not one and a half months ago we won the community shield, we won the cup and In a very convincing way with the same players.

“What we learnt from this defeat [Liverpool] is that we were not at all at the level that is expected from us. And that we have very quickly to show that was a complete accident.

“And I would say as well, that when we spoke about the transfer period before they played a part in that as well.

“A top level sportsman is a guy who keeps going where others give up and that’s what would be absolutely stupid, to say, today, that you give up for the rest of the championship.”

Sadly, this isn’t the first time that Wenger has branded a big defeat away to a big team an “accident”, I recall. If something keeps happening, it’s clearly not an accident but a problem that needs solving.

Granted, there was said to be a lot of internal unrest going into the Liverpool game with speculation surrounding a number of players. But now the transfer window is closed, it’s time for the players to refocus on playing football and doing their best for the club.

Maybe then the supporters will get fully behind the team.