It appears that Arsene Wenger has been going round telling his least trustworthy friends that he’s staying at Arsenal for two more years again.

Back in April, the Mirror claimed that Wenger was going round telling people at London Colney that not only was he going to stay at Arsenal, but that he wanted to sign a new two-year deal.

Well, apparently the Frenchman hasn’t learned his lesson, because an almost identical report has popped up over a month later in the Daily Star, which cites the Sunday Times.

Wenger has once again, allegedly, been running around telling everyone about the two-year deal he’s about to sign. And they, in turn, have tipped off the papers.

Maybe he needs new friends?

Whether there’s any truth to this or not, I guess we’ll find out one way or the other on FA Cup final day (27 May), as that’s when a ‘formal’ announcement over Wenger’s future is set to be made.