Mesut Ozil has now reached 15m Twitter followers.

  • Ozil’s Twitter followers have grown by 700,000 since February
  • Playmaker has now overtaken Wayne Rooney as most followed Premier League star
  • German has a long way to go before catching up with former teammate Ronaldo

In February, people who pay better attention to these things that I do realised that Ozil had 14.3m followers on the social media platform, Twitter, and was therefore only just behind Manchester United hero, Wayne Rooney, who had 14.4m.

Over the last three months, for whatever reason, Ozil has overtaken the England international and become the most followed Premier League player on Twitter.

Rooney is still only on 14.6m.

As big of an achievement as this is, when you look at the likes of former teammate, Cristiano Ronaldo (52.4m), and Neymar (29m), you realise that a lot of footballers have now moved away from just being sportsman, they’ve become brands within themselves.

With the launch of his new fashion label recently, perhaps Ozil isn’t that far off after all.