Sol Campbell has quite the shopping list in mind for Arsenal this summer.

  • Campbell reckons Gunners need to strengthen in two key areas
  • Names five players who Wenger could sign this summer

Sol reckons that Arsenal need to bring in a world class striker and central defender this summer in order to be able to truly compete again, and the former Gunner actually has a few names in mind. Five to be exact.

In defence, Big Sol reckons that Southampton’s Virgil van Dijk would be a brilliant addition.

“I think he’s a very commanding player,” the former centre-back said.

“No one really wanted to take the chance with taking him from Celtic, but Southampton did and he’s proved everyone wrong.”

Arsenal have been linked with Van Dijk already as the Saints are apparently ready to cash in on Dutchman.

Hull’s Harry Maguire is another defender that Sol reckons could flourish under Wenger with better training.

“He’s got two good feet, he’s very mobile for a big guy. That’s definitely a plus for me because sometimes the big guys can’t move around,” Sol explained.

Up front, Sol wasn’t short of ideas either.

“There’s been talk of Benzema to Arsenal for a while,” the ex-England international acknowledged.

“The manager Arsene knows him pretty well. I think he would definitely make a fantastic addition.”

Another striker that’s not likely to ever come to Arsenal but that Sol wants the manager to sign is Antoine Griezmann, saying, “I think the big price-tag might be a hurdle, but if he (Wenger) can sell a couple of players and push the boat out to £85million, he will definitely make a huge difference.”

The Atletico Madrid star is fantastic but most likely off to Manchester in the summer, not north London.

Last but not least is Monaco’s Kylian Mbappe, who Wenger has actually expressed interest in.

“He has got a long way to go for that but he’s showing potential that maybe if you wait two, three years he might cost just a bit too much as time goes on.”

So, will you be paying for these new players in cash or by check, Sol?