Alisher Usmanov has failed with his latest bid to buy Arsenal, according to the Financial Times, despite offering Stan Kroenke close to three times what he paid for his Arsenal shares.

Already holding a 30% stake in Arsenal, Usmanov has no place on the Arsenal board and has been kept at arm’s length by the club.

The Russian billionaire indicated in a letter that he would be prepared to pay £35,000 per share to take control of the club, but Kroenke dismissed the offer – after taking some time to think about the £1bn he would receive. This is believed to have taken place last month.

The Guardian report that the American is ‘fully committed’ to Arsenal, although we’re not exactly sure what that even means.

Completely absent from view during the latest turmoil at the club, Silent Stan kept true to his moniker.

Stan’s level of commitment to Arsenal seems, so far, to be up there with the levels of commitment we saw from Arsenal against the likes of Watford, Crystal Palace et al this season.

But that’s certainly not to say that Usmanov is the answer…