This week, Mesut Ozil announced his new fashion label.

  • Ozil has 11.9m followers on social media
  • Launched his own logo in 2013
  • Revealed new ‘M’ logo on caps and t-shirts in picture
  • All caps and t-shirts have already sold out

On Friday, the playmaker shared a picture of himself relaxing while watching Fast and Furious 8 in which he’s wearing a backwards cap displaying his new logo.

Ozil had already posted an image of the logo itself earlier the same day, adding the caption: “Have some fashion news for you tomorrow 😎😉〽🔟 #M10fashion#limited”

A day later, the 28-year-old shared a picture of him wearing a t-shirt and another cap sporting the same logo, which looks like an ‘M’ – presumably for ‘Mesut’ but that’s just a wild stab in the dark.

Since going on sale on 21 April, Ozil’s 250 caps and 250 t-shirts have predictably already sold out but I imagine he’ll release more due to high demand.

Will there be more to come from his fashion label than just caps and t-shirts?

Watch this space.