Hector Bellerin has revealed why he went for a run on the beach the morning after Arsenal lost to Crystal Palace.

  • Bellerin shared picture of himself running on beach following 3-0 loss
  • Says it clears his head
  • Admits club and personal form have been bad

Bellerin was the only Arsenal player to break their social media silence after Arsenal embarrassingly lost 3-0 to Palace at Selhurst Park on 10 April.

The right-back, who was booed by Gooners after his poor performance, shared a picture of himself running along a mystery beach the next morning.

Speaking recently, Bellerin revealed how, as someone who was raised near the beach, he finds it a good location to clear his head, so he decided to get away for a few days to do just that.

“They gave us a couple of days off and as I was raised near the beach, it’s one of the places I like to go when I want to clear my head,” he told Arsenal Magazine (p.19).

“I’m lucky there are a few beaches around the UK, so I went to the south of England and was at the beach for a few days.

“I thought about everything that’s going on. It’s not just been a bad patch for the club but for me as a player as well.

“Sometimes you need to find the answers to your questions and there’s no better way than to disconnect for a bit, go back to basic and started from scratch again.”

Bellerin’s form has been poor since he returned from injury in January, with many joking that it’s his ‘unique’ hair that has been letting him down. In all seriousness, he simply hasn’t looked fully fit in a while and his game has suffered due to Arsene Wenger’s reliance on him.

Hopefully, the 22-year-old can sort his head – and hair – out over the summer.

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