Gary Neville reckons that Arsenal’s season will still be a success if they win the FA Cup… but will it really?

  • Arsenal are in 6th, 6 points off 4th
  • Will face probable title winner Chelsea in FA Cup final
  • Neville believes this will make successful season

Arsenal are having their worst season under Arsene Wenger.

They’re finishing below Tottenham for the first time since 1995 and set to miss out on Champions League football for the first time since the Frenchman took charge.

Despite this, Arsenal have managed to reach the FA Cup final against probable title winners, Chelsea.

If the Gunners can beat the odds and win their 13th FA Cup, Neville says this season can still be a success.

“If they won the FA Cup this year, would that be seen as a successful season? I’d say probably yes,” the pundit said.

“People will argue their league performance has been the worst it’s been for 15-20 years but maybe they are allowed a blip.”

The ex-Manchester United defender seems more optimistic than most Arsenal fans.

While he’s right that big teams are allowed to have a blip – many have – it doesn’t make it any nicer to experience.

The word ‘success’ is a bit strong.

Just because Arsenal managed to surprise just about everyone, including themselves, by beating Manchester City in the FA Cup semi-final and could potentially win the trophy, doesn’t erase the shambles that has been this season.

The results, performances and general shadiness surrounding Arsenal this season has been unpleasant to deal with, to put it lightly, and a trophy won’t make that go away.

However, a trophy is a trophy, and it would make the lack of Champions League football and potentially losing our best players over the summer slightly easier to take.