The Arsenal players have returned to social media following their win against Middlesbrough on Monday.

Last week, the silence from the Arsenal players was deafening.

A string of poor results, apart from a 3-0 win over West Ham, topped off by a 3-0 defeat away to Crystal Palace, sent the Gunners into a social media hiatus.

Presumably because a) they had been told to or b) they realised that no matter what they said, it would feel a bit empty given the state of the performance against Palace.

This week, after a 2-1 win away to Boro, the players have returned to social media.

Following last Monday’s celebrations, the players have also been preparing for their FA Cup clash against Manchester City at Wembley on Sunday. And they want us to know about it.

On a less positive note, Jack Wilshere and Jeff Reine-Adelaide have spoken about their respective season-ending injuries on social media.

Danny Welbeck tweeted in support of his England teammate.

Ian Wright also sent his best wishes to the midfielder.

Meanwhile, Mesut Ozil was a London tourist for a day, prompting the Daily Mail to once again write something ridiculous.