You can always trust the Daily Mail to fabricate a huge story out of nothing.

  • Ozil is out of contract in June 2018
  • Player loves London and is happy there
  • Films himself sightseeing

On Tuesday, Mesut Ozil did the unthinkable. He decided to sightsee in the city where he lives: London. I know, terrible. The Daily Mail couldn’t believe it either and instantly linked it to the fact that Ozil’s Arsenal contract is over in June 2018.

How, you say?

Well, they believe he could be taking one last look around before he *wipes tear* leaves London for good.

As someone who has lived in London and did so for years, I will happily hold my hands up and admit that I did the tourist thing on more than one occasion. It’s a fascinating, beautiful city, especially on a sunny, spring day.

The guy is allowed to learn about and explore his current home for goodness sake.

Of course, he very well could leave but his little tour to Buckingham Palace isn’t any indicator that he will.