After news of Jack Wilshere’s ankle break filtered through onto the internet, it seems that Arsenal fans realise that this is it for the talented midfielder.

  • Wilshere suffers same injury that kept him sidelined for 247 days in 2015
  • Contract runs out 2019
  • Fans think it’s time for Arsenal to sell

Despite early reports that a break had been ruled out, it seems that the opposite is true. Jack Wilshere has broken his left fibula – the same injury which kept him out for 247 days last season.

After the on-loan Gunner’s leg collided with Harry Kane’s as he attempted to block a shot during Bournemouth’s 4-0 loss against Spurs on Saturday, which broke Wilshere’s fibula. Of course, Spurs fans were as classy as ever as Wilshere was taken off.

It’s heartbreaking but most Gooners realise that his time at Arsenal is likely to come to an end, with the 25-year-old’s currently contract set to run out next summer.

Although Arsene Wenger previously claimed Arsenal wanted to extend the England international’s deal and the club do have a habit of keeping injury-prone players on for perhaps longer than they should (eg Abou Diaby), they’ve also shown they’re capable of doing the opposite (eg Eduardo).

“It’s just not meant to be for our Jacky. A real real genuinely saddening shame,” said one fan.

Another replied, “Couldn’t have said it better myself. Do you remember that period from about 2009-2011 where he just oozed class with every touch of the ball? I miss that feeling of genuine optimism we as a fan base had about him, because he truly was one of our own who could’ve been world-class.”

While others reckon Arsenal would be lucky to get £25m for him.

“He’s finished,” another fan said. “RVP didn’t come good until he was 28. But even his injury hit seasons aren’t as bad as Jack’s. Whenever he was fit, he was starting.

“Even a fully fit Jack would struggle to make Arsenal’s lineup. I still want to give him one more chance at Arsenal.

“However, if we get an offer of £25m for him, I’d sell him.”

To which someone else replied, “No-one is paying £25 million for him. A high fee with his injury history just isn’t worth the risk.”

Wilshere’s not a young prospect anymore. He’s 25 and not done a huge deal at Bournemouth other than remain fit until this point.

It’s such a shame.

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