Jack Wilshere suffered a broken leg against Tottenham, making Bournemouth’s statements about his protective boot and crutches being a precaution seem laughable.

  • Scans show Wilshere has suffered a hairline fracture
  • Bournemouth initially downplayed the injury and seemed annoyed that he wanted to come off against Tottenham
  • Wilshere suffered fracture in same place in 2015 which kept him out for 247 days

The Arsenal man was caught when he tried to block a Harry Kane shot and got his timing wrong. Initial reports said that he had not suffered a broken ankle but it seems as if whoever was briefing the press from Bournemouth had no actual information to deliver and was just making it up as they go along.

To be fair, I guess the Bournemouth people were sort of right – it isn’t an ankle break, it’s a hairline fracture of the fibula. Plus, an X-ray had shown no damage around 24 hours after the incident, but a CT scan confirmed the fracture. He will see a specialist over the coming days to determine how best to proceed.

The news will come as a devastating blow to the player who was hoping to use this season to show that he could indeed stay fit for an entire campaign and could therefore be trusted in the heart of Arsenal’s midfield.

Guy is seriously made of chalk.