Ismael Bennacer was not included in the Tours side that lost, 4-2, away to Strasbourg in Ligue 2.

The French side have recently appointed a new manager – Nouredine El Ouardani – replacing Fabien Mercadal, who was sacked after a run of poor results. El Ouardani will remain in charge for the rest of the season.

Speaking a few days ago after his appointment, El Ouardani, said, “I am not a magician, but together we can do beautiful things. The players, I want them to be exemplary on the field, with a good attitude, outside the field too.”

It is not clear what this will mean in regards to playing time for Bennacer but it is interesting to note that at Rangers, where they also changed manager, Jon Toral was also dropped from the caretaker manager’s first game in charge.

El Ouardani turned to players who have not been used much recently, such as Bryan Bergougnoux, Maxime Do Couto, and Ibrahima Tandia, and his side were leading 2-1 at the break before going on to lose 4-2.

This was the first match-day squad since he signed on loan that Bennacer was not included in. He played the full 90 in the two previous games, providing ‘superb inspiration’ against Bour-en-bresse in his last outing. He also played 20 minutes and 14 minutes in the other two Ligue 2 games after his arrival.

There has been no report of an injury, but this is also a possible reason why he was not included.