Nine years after leaving Arsenal to join England, Gary Lewin has returned to the club.

While it’s probably not connected, Lewin’s departure also coincided with a never-ending injury problem at Arsenal. It was thought his return, which was rumoured for a while, would be another move from the club to try and address that issue.

However, Lewin, 52, has returned to Arsenal on a short-term basis, will not be working with the men’s side. Instead, he will be working his magic with Arsenal Ladies.

While there is the possibility this short-term arrangement could turn into a full-time opportunity for Lewin, it is not clear how likely that is.

Leaving the England set-up after a poor Euro 2016, Lewin also runs a number of surgeries across the country and will combine this new role with his current commitments.

He previously spent 22 years with Arsenal and his cousin, Colin, is the current head of Arsenal’s medical services. Gary is widely credited as being the man who saved John Terry’s life when the defender swallowed his tongue after Abou Diaby kicked him in the head during the League Cup final.

He was also one of the main reasons Eduardo did not lose his foot after Martin Taylor’s challenge in 2008.