Earlier in the week the footballing world was rocked by the hard-hitting news that Wayne Rooney, a 31-year-old man in the twilight of his career, had gotten drunk.

As Lee pointed out on Wednesday, the whole need to kick-up a fuss about a grown man drinking alcohol in his own time while his career is coming to an end is bizarre.

When asked about alcohol at his pre-Manchester United press conference, Arsene Wenger actually seemed pretty empathetic, pointing out how that although the drinking culture that surrounds football and the Premier League has changed over the last 20 years, no one’s an angel.

“We have all been young,” Wenger said.

“We have not all been angels at 20 or 21 but overall I believe it is part of youth to make mistakes and after that analyse it well.

“All the players who make big careers have that quality, a good assessment. All the big players make mistakes but after they have a good assessment of the situation and they address it in a positive way.”

If it was a younger player in their prime, maybe a show of concern for their health and career would be understandable. But this isn’t what releasing the pictures of Rooney after a few classes of wine is about. It’s nothing to do with awareness, it’s about watching a car crash – or what the tabloid dream to be a car crash – unfold.

According to Alcohol Concern, 9 million people in the UK alone drink more than the recommended amount and the NHS estimates that 9% of men are alcohol dependent (4% of women).

If you want to know more on this issue or how to get help, there’s plenty of useful information on the NHS website.