Just as I pointed out in my column this week, no matter how much time goes by, Arsene Wenger will always be asked about shaking Jose Mourinho’s hand.

The two managers have a history of not shaking each other’s hands and this has turned into massive media fodder. Their rivalry often overshadows the build-up to the match itself and definitely has a hand in creating the volatile atmosphere when we play whoever Mourinho is managing.

Like clockwork, Wenger was asked in his pre-Manchester United press conference whether he would shake the former Chelsea coach’s hand before the game and, as usual, the boss gave a pretty predictable answer:

“Of course. I respect the ritual that is so important in the Premier League.”

Although the pre-match handshake is a footballing traditional, it’s odd that so much stock is put on it. It sets the tone for the whole game when really it should be about what happens on the pitch.

Saying this, Jose Mourinho’s often personal public jibes probably make it hard to stick to tradition.

Will Jose and Arsene shake hands on Saturday?

I really do not care.

And if past comments are anything to go by, nor does Mourinho.

“I don’t want to make a story of it,” Jose claimed back in August 2015.

“If you walk in the street you are not obliged to say hello or shake your hand with anyone.

“In a sport team or institution it’s a bit different. I thought about my club and players and the winners and the stadium but I don’t think a manager has to shake hands with another if he doesn’t want to.”

Well, if the handshake is going to be anything like that awkward one at Stamford Bridge in September 2015, I’d rather they didn’t at all!